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        Extended driver's license offer

        ?????????Digital driver's license (DDL)

        A highly secure way to deliver, store and manage the lifecycle of a driver's license on a smartphone


        Learn more about Digital Driver's Licenses

        Color in polycarbonate offer 

        Color photos are now available in polycarbonate! 

        Discover Color in Polycarbonate

        Security for polycarbonate 

        Why Polycarbonate is the most secure and durable DL/ID substrate

        Explore the features of polycarbonate

        Document a?uth?entication 

        Automating document verification during enrollment 

        Learn more about document a?uth?entication

        Wearable devices 

        Biometric & facial recognition in ID documents

        Read more

        Kiosks and Tablets 

        How to improve efficiency with self-service kiosks & tablets

        Learn more about kiosks & tablets

        DMV Modernization with MVDLS 

        Planning a DMV Modernization project? Discover MVDLS

        eGov services transformation