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        Mobile Ticketing for Transport

        ????????????????????????????Gemalto's Trusted Service Hub ??digitizes transport cards into connected devices for easy and fuss-free access to public transport.

        mobile ticketing

        What is ?mobile ticketing for public transportation??

        Tr?avelers want a personalized, engaging and seamless experience. 

        With mobile ticketing, passengers can buy and display mobile tickets using their mobile phone or any other connected device. 

        Digitizing transport cards ensures fluid and effortless ticket and card purchase. It means quick and easy access to gates for travelers. 
        Operators enjoy reduced costs, and simplified distribution and delivery, especially in the case of single tickets.

        Card digitization is a key trend in payment and mobile ticketing transaction volume is set to double in 2019 according to a new report from Juniper Research.

        ?m ticketingm ticketcard digitizationmobile ticketing app

        Simpler, Cheaper, Easier, Faster

        ? ???  ?More co???nven?ience and greater satisfaction means more travelers and more trips.

        Staying the first choice. In t????he pocket, always.

        mobile ticketing system

        For consumers, digital is a must-have, and virtual transport tickets and cards are what travelers want. 

        Gemalto's TSH for Transit solution is the answer.

        Ticket and card digitization secure solution 

        Transport operators can use TSH for NFC Ticketing to launch their own mobile wallet to develop and modernize their brand value within their own transport app. 

        They can also digitize their transport means in partnership with the major OEM wallet providers in their territory. 

        Digital transport tickets and cards offer greater reach, improve customer experience, boost loyalty among regular users, and simplify local travel for occasional visitors and tourists.

        TSH for Transit is designed to securely digitize any transport card using a wide range of technologies into any digital wallet, making Gemalto the perfect partner for transport operators taking the leap into digital.

        ?? ??

        How to create your digital transport card and access the gate with the mobile??

        Transit car digitalization travel card enrolment payment and reload 

        What are the benefits of ??our mobile solution for Transit?? 

        mobile solution for transit 

        A cloud offering from Gemalto with a proven, live connection to existing wallets 


        mobile tickets  


        Gemalto is a trusted partner for multiple OEMs in the transportation sector, with a raft of projects already commercially deployed
        how do mobile tickets work  


        ? Capable to support most existing and upcoming transit technologies as well as close loop EMV.
        ? Mobile PURE is the only white label mobile payment application with references with OEM-Pays and HCE


        how do i use a mobile ticket  


        ?TSH, being in the cloud, you benefit from existing connectivity to the OEM Pays. And it is quick and easy to add several wallets!?


        ? ???? ??

        Customer Case

        • Octopus card into Samsung Pay Hong Kong

          Hong Kong's Octopus integrates with Samsung Pay with Gemalto Trusted Service Hub solution

          This new mobile payment service enables consumers to securely pay and travel by simply tapping their Samsung phones on an Octopus reader, regardless of their mobile operator.

          Read more

        Next Steps

        Navigo Pass goes digitalTowards the end of paper tickets in Paris, the Navigo pass for mobile will be launched by 2019.
        Read more (FR)???