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        Banking Case Studies - eBanking

        ?????????????Why not base your ebanking project on tactics that are already proven to work? 

        Discover how Gemalto's customers implement proven strategies and technology solutions for superior customer experience, innovative payment services and optimized risk management.

        Learn more from our online banking case studies below and understand why Gemalto is the trusted partner for financial services and retail institutions worldwide.?

        Let's jump right in.

        ?Knab : Multi-channel experience in the Netherlands

        Learn more about how Knab, an online-only bank, leverages Gemalto authentication devices to offer a smooth and secure digital banking experience to their customers across all channels.?

        ?SCB : Display Cards for Singaporeans

        Find out why Standard Charted Bank in Singapore has equipped its customers with sleek and convenient display cards.

        Raiffeise??n Bank fights back phishing attacks

        Discover how Gemalto authentication devices helped Raiffeisen Bank reinforce security for their online banking in Austria. 


        VKB-Bank secures online banking with Gemalto authentication devices?

        VKB-Bank in Austria reports on the importance of online banking security.


        Japan Net Bank : First with Gemalto Display Cards

        The first Internet-only bank is now the first Japanese bank to deploy display cards.